Quite the Abu Dhabi Birthday Celebration
Saturday, Aug 4 It?s my birthday, I?m gonna party like it?s my birthday. My sweet little love and I are awake at a mere 5am. He rolls over and looks me in the eye. ?Happy birthday mommy! Do you want to chitter chatter? I can?t sleep!? The best start to my day! Since I skipped […]
Jambo! (Hello!) from?Arusha, Tanzania
Monday, August 6 Outside the city of Arusha is very poor with small shanties as homes, clearly with no running water and built directly on dirt grounds in some cases. Within the city, though more established, still appears to be less than anything moderately acceptable to anyone I know. There are continuous lines of run […]
It’s Getting Hot in Here
Thursday, August 2:?JFK to Dubai It?s a trip of a lifetime and at 13 hours business class was a luxurious option allowing us to hit the ground running in Dubai. Luca?s face in business class was priceless- between the seat flattening to a bed and the mattress the attendants offer to put on top! ?Mommy,? […]