Wednesday, August 8 It is 6am and I wake to the feeling of crisp air (and a full bladder. But for storytelling purposes let’s stick w the crisp air.)  It is pitch black inside and out and there are only faint sounds of life outside. 6:18. He chirped and others responded. A faint shadow of the […]
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Tuesday, August 7 Today we meet our safari guide, Spiros who will be with us through August 14th and is driving us 2.5 hours (four hours with stops) in our safari vehicle to Tarangire National Park. Becoming a safari guide has been a notable accomplishment. Spiros studied wildlife for five years; has a Bachelor in Wildlife Science and must know the history of the animals, the animals themselves, their habitat, what they eat, gestation period, etc. Additionally, he must know some botany, insects and birds.