Friday, August 10 5:30 am: ?I am pouring the water now,? huffs Hassan, our butler, his breath labored by the weight of the hoist.  He has to pour 40 liters of water into the tarp bucket and hoist it about 10 feet in the air. ?It is ready,? he confirms. I pull one of the two ropes in […]
Thursday August 9 In the middle of the night Luca calls out ?mom?. I don?t respond. ?Mom? he says again. I ask “what” and he replies, ?a zebra!? I smile, knowing he?s having sweet dreams. Zzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiipp….zzzzzzziiiiiiiipp. What the What is that noise?! I lift my head and realize it is S unzipping the windows to […]
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Tuesday, August 7 Today we meet our safari guide, Spiros who will be with us?through August 14th?and is driving us 2.5 hours (four hours with stops) in our safari vehicle to Tarangire National Park. Becoming a safari guide has been a notable accomplishment. Spiros studied wildlife for five years; has a Bachelor in Wildlife Science and must know the history of the animals, the animals themselves, their habitat, what they eat, gestation period, etc. Additionally, he must know some botany, insects and birds.
Jambo! (Hello!) from?Arusha, Tanzania
Monday, August 6 Outside the city of Arusha is very poor with small shanties as homes, clearly with no running water and built directly on dirt grounds in some cases. Within the city, though more established, still appears to be less than anything moderately acceptable to anyone I know. There are continuous lines of run […]