Inside the four walls where your company resides lies a surprising opportunity to tell a story through thoughtful planning, good design and branding.  The interior of your business should tell the story of your company’s history, core values, mission, and well, what your brand is!  Furthermore, it should be attractive and easy to read by all who enter, be it existing employees, clients or business partners, as well as prospective employees and clients.

The story you tell through your workplace design and branding has strong influence over the work being performed and the future work your company will receive.

Make Lasting First Impressions

The lobby not only serves as the first impression of your company, but it’s also the place that is seen the most by your employees who sometimes may enter and leave through there multiple times a day.  Employees can serve as brand ambassadors of a company when they buy into the branding the company stands for. Happy employees not only talk more about their workplace but talk with pride.

When considering the story you want to tell in your workplace, remember to create a lasting first impression in the lobby, one that evokes energy, excitement, and serves as a reminder of what your brand stands for.

Storytelling Through Design

Using design elements and décor can capture the culture of a business and  show its history.  One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate imagery and use items or artifacts that are relevant to the company’s products, services and history.

For example, consider a multi-generational company who manufactures steel parts for luxury vehicles. Storytelling in this environment may incorporate car elements into the design, or create a space reflective of a high end garage.

Photographs that represent different time periods and methods of work or highlight key company accomplishments are a unique and personal way to tell a story.

Feature walls can also help illustrate a timeline of the company’s major events while a map can be used to highlight a geographic reach of products and services.  Current or recently completed projects can be showcased to be used in conversations with clients and for all employees to enjoy.

Telling the story and achievements of your company in an engaging form reminds employees why they work there and keeps them motivated to do their best. After all, engaged employees are most productive.

Building Rapport and Trust

The very nature of storytelling evokes emotion. When visitors enter a space and are transformed to a place in history they feel an emotional impact.

Think of walking into a three star hotel versus a five star hotel. A different expectation is created in your mind as a result of your surroundings. Some design elements may include smell, texture, scale and story. How you perceive each of these elements contributes to the level of trust you put in that product or service. 

When clients enter your workplace and see a product they’ve commissioned featured in your space, that supports a feeling of satisfaction and trust in their decision to retain you as their business partner. When your service promises are reflected in your space, confidence grows that the relationship will follow suit.  These emotional touchpoints create stronger bonds with our clients suggesting the care taken in the office space will be comparably reflected in the relationship. 

Storytelling in the workplace is successful when dedication, originality, and design expertise come together to create a strong design.  Every company has a story. Let us tell yours.