The top commercial real estate brokers in Hartford, CT didn’t get where they are by accident. Most have spent years cultivating a professional network and streamlined process to help them move properties fast.

What are Connecticut’s best brokers doing differently? Let’s break down some of the secrets commercial real estate brokers in Hartford rely on to set themselves apart.

Professional Property Presentation

Hartford’s best brokers understand that investing in a property’s initial marketability provides huge ROI by the time the sale closes. They’re not relying on old iPhone photos for use in a building’s MLS listing, they’re helping their clients link up with the best local architectural photographers to ensure they have beautiful, professional images for their marketing materials.

Likewise, they don’t expect potential buyers/tenants to do the heavy lifting when it comes to imagining how vacant or underutilized properties could come alive. They entrust professional commercial staging companies in Hartford to create compelling spaces that close the deal.

Pointed, Data-Driven Descriptions

The potential buyer/tenant pool in Hartford runs the gamut. From millennial-helmed startups to longstanding corporate firms, the kinds of businesses looking for office space in Hartford (and their lists of must-haves!) is wide-ranging.

Great brokers spend time developing a curated marketing plan specifically for the buyer pool they’re targeting or working with. This process includes developing messaging that goes further than a simple list of the property’s features. The right angle is the one aimed specifically towards what a particular buyer pool is looking for, from layout to architectural details to technological integration.

Lessees tend to look at their lease only months prior to renewal – which can add major unnecessary expense.  Reviewing the lease 12 to 18 months in advance of its expiration can maximize the tenants leverage on renewal terms. I work with my clients to understand their needs and develop a plan which allows us to explore multiple options.”

Putting Technology to Work

Hartford’s best commercial real estate brokers aren’t lamenting the way technology has changed their industry, they’re embracing it. They’re utilizing technology specifically designed to expedite the sales process. They’re hyper-targeting emails and ads to the audience they resonate most with. A space ideal for a doctor’s office should be marketed primarily to doctors, right?

A spate of new high-tech platforms like RealNex and BuildOut are also streamlining the process of property presentation. When a broker can simply plug in professional photos then add persuasive descriptions, there’s more time leftover to actually market a property in person.

“As a firm proponent of BuildOut and Realnex, I can attest these highly-integrated technology platforms allow Regions to offer cutting edge marketing exposure to our clients.  This ensures marketing is distributed quicker our clients receive the highest levels of effectiveness, allowing us to deliver the same level of service as global competitors.”

Well-Rounded Industry Network

The most successful (and prolific) brokers in Hartford don’t operate in a vacuum. They’re backed by a network of carefully-cultivated industry resources designed specifically to support the needs of their clients. These networks include contractors, city planners, photographers, stagers, and other trade experts, and they don’t develop overnight.

A community of go-to industry professionals isn’t just a sales tool, it’s an investment. Planting these mutually-beneficial relationship seeds today pays dividends down the line for both real estate brokers and their networks.

“We continue to seek collaborative relationships that benefit our clients and our community.  For us, it’s not just about “finding space”. We work relentlessly to establish and build partnerships which, in turn, provides us with reliable resources to best serve our clients’ needs. ‘Facetime’ for us means actually spending time with our clients!”

At Design Your Monday, we work with many of the Hartford area’s best commercial brokers to help position properties to sell and lease quickly. The top brokers in this area know how fast the market moves – and how fast you get left behind – if you’re not throwing everything you’ve got at every new listing.

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