Inspiring design moves ideas into action.

DESIGN TOUCHES EVERYTHING we see, use, and occupy. It gives form to ideas, dreams, and strategies, and supports how we, as humans, learn and evolve.

Design Your Monday harnesses the power of design to help you visualize, materialize and realize your goals.

That’s why Design Your Monday takes a business-based approach to design.

Our design process is highly strategic and focused on your business results. 

The first consideration for your space is how to leverage its full capacity for daily use to maximize its function, and position you for growth. We always start with a discussion about your business goals and challenges.

  • How do you see your business changing over the next several years?
  • What are your ambitions for performance and growth?
  • What’s working well in your current space. What’s not? 
  • What do you wish you had less of? More of? 

Whether you rent or own your space, our primary objective is to help you understand where and why to invest to realize a tangible return and fuel your growth.

Putting our Principles of Design into action.

Every space we design must first meet our exacting design standards. Whether your requirement is a conference room refresh, an office renovation, or new construction, our standards for your investment and physical space remain the same. 

Our Principles of Design mandate that a workspace must:

  • Amplify the ability to generate profit
  • Showcase a unique brand     
  • Reflect the quality of an organization’s products or services, and commitment
  • Create an emotional impact
  • Inspire inclusion, innovation and collaboration
  • Establish an environment of unity and well-being
  • Optimize employee performance and support business growth

Your workplace is a catalyst for change, and the foundation for your future.  Let’s create a productive, performance-driven environment to help you achieve even your most ambitious goals.


We serve the following industries:
Corporate / Professional
Medical Offices
Multi-Unit Housing Space

Our projects range from 2,500 to 250,000 square feet.

Experience more

We regularly bring Jennifer in as part of our clients’ due diligence to maximize their return on investment. Her ideas and designs have led to workspace efficiencies reducing occupancy costs while increasing client and employee satisfaction. She is mindful of budget and provided a great deal of education to the process to help maximize my investment. I highly recommend Jennifer as a valuable resource to capture the essence of your company and oversee every detail to transform your interior space.

Michael Guidicelli CCIM, SIOR

Owner, Regions Real Estate

Does your real estate work as hard as you do? 

As one of your top three-line items, your space should generate a measurable return. Ask us the three things you can do now to increase the contribution and value of your space. Let’s talk.