There are many roles an interior designer plays in the commercial real estate industry.  Design Your Monday is an independent interior design firm who can also operate as your Project Manager or Owner’s Representative. We collaborate with partners such as architects, engineers and construction contractors when needed, and always have our clients’ best interests at hand. 

In our experience, many prospective clients have questions about the role of an interior designer and how to get the most value from working with one. Here are some of the most popular questions we’ve heard, along with answers to help you navigate the details of how an interior designer should support you.

Why should I hire a commercial interior designer?

A commercial interior designer is the appropriate professional to hire for any project that includes improving space with non-structural interior walls or enhancing aesthetics. This will help ensure your commercial space follows certain compliance guidelines, like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), especially when your business is open to the public.

If you are planning for “cosmetic-only” updates, an interior designer is the one who can coordinate all the aspects of your space to work in harmony and achieve the design concept you have in mind. 

Further, some commercial interior designers may lead the project management and budget planning of an office renovation, and collaborate with or coordinate services provided by architects, engineers, construction contractors and other vendors that may be needed.  Your interior designer can be the liaison between you and the team you have hired to ensure the space turns out exactly as you’ve envisioned.

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Which do I need – an interior designer or an architect?

Interior designers can do many things that architects can do.  Some architects specialize in building design and exterior finishes, and don’t have resources for the interior details of a project.  Other firms have an interiors department to collaborate with the architects.

That said, you do not have to hire an architect if your requirement is primarily focused on the look and feel, and efficient utilization of the interior of your space.

When you choose an independent interior designer, you will have more attention from the primary designer because you will most likely work with the principal or owner of the firm. Independent designers have less overhead than a larger firm which may translate to overall lower project costs for you.

How much does an interior designer cost?

This is of course dependent on the services you are acquiring from your designer.  For example, space planning, furniture specifications, or a mood board, vs. a full design, including all of these components, will generate different costs.

A good first step for financial planning is to get your mind organized around the task, and be clear on what it is you wish to accomplish, and why. Are you wanting to freshen up your space? Expand it? Improve its utilization? Make upgrades? 

At Design Your Monday, we like to take a “good, better, best” approach to educate clients on the universe of service and product options available. Once you’ve committed to undertaking a renovation, you want to ensure you are utilizing your investment wisely. We guide our clients to understand how to get the most value from their investment by making sound purchases. With this approach, clients realize the money spent on interior design services can actually save them money throughout the project lifecycle. 

All of this works together to allow clients to select what they are most financially comfortable with, and have a sense of control over their project.

Why should I consider hiring an interior designer for my office space versus DIY?

A professional interior designer will create an overall vision and plan for how your space will function and look, as well as help you source commercial grade materials that will serve you longer and therefore save you money. Interior designers bring extensive knowledge of the benefits and warranties of commercial furnishings, and can pair you with local distributors that are right for you.  

If you want your space to portray your company brand, a commercial interior designer can achieve this as well. 

Essentially, if your space is important to you, your employees, and your customers, it’s a wise investment to hire a professional.

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Do I have to tell the designer what my budget actually is?

We have never met a client who didn’t have a budget!  The bottom line is there are standard costs for many things we do and purchase. The better we understand your budget, the more we can tailor our suggestions and direct you in making the best decisions for your budget.

We believe in educating our clients to understand why certain things cost what they do.  When clients understand value they are able to evaluate cost more objectively and make better decisions to afford more of what they truly need.Ready to get started? Take the first step towards creating your ideal work environment.