When it comes to interior design, there are many roles an interior designer can play in the commercial industry.  At Design Your Monday! LLC, we are an independent design firm who can also operate as your Project Manager or Owner’s Representative.  We engage partners like architects and engineers when needed, and always have our client’s best interests at hand. 

We are often greeted with many of the same questions, so whether you select Design Your Monday! LLC or another firm as your designer of choice, we want to help you navigate the details of how interior designers should support you.


1. When do I need a commercial interior designer?

You’ll need a commercial interior designer for any project that includes improving space functionality, or any alterations larger than small, cosmetic-only updates.  This is to ensure your commercial space follows certain compliance guidelines, like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), especially when your business is open to the public.

Furthermore, if your “cosmetic-only” updates have a specific design concept, a professional is a good idea.

2. Why should I hire a commercial interior designer?

A commercial interior designer will lead the project management and budget planning of an office renovation.  They will provide successful space planning (i.e. help you organize your employees in an efficient way) and a design that fits your company’s needs (how you actually use the space).

If you want your space to portray your company brand, mission statement and/or core values, a commercial interior designer will achieve this.  Interior designers also bring extensive knowledge of the benefits and warranties of commercial furnishings, and can also pair you with local distributors that are right for you.  They’ll make specifications to order pieces like furniture and lighting fixtures, and will have knowledge of many different brands.

Here you can see the benefits and what we do at Design Your Monday! LLC to help your business.

3. Do I need a Connecticut interior designer or architect?

Interior designers can do many things that architects can do.  Some architects specialize in building design and exterior finishes, and don’t have the resources to address all of the interior details of a project.  Other firms have interiors departments to assist the architects.

4. Will my interior designer work with my contractor/architect, and how involved will I be?

Here at Design Your Monday! LLC, we are not only open to, but hoping to work with any contractor or architect you’ve hired to ensure the space is exactly what you’ve envisioned.

You will be exactly as involved as you would like to be, to ensure you are happy with the final design outcome.

5. How much will it cost to renovate my Connecticut office space?

Each job is different and budgets can be spent in many ways.  We like to educate our clients, based on our experience, where we believe their money would be best invested.

We like to take a “good, better, best” approach to educate clients on the universe of product options available.  This allows clients to select which pieces they are most financially comfortable with.  Here are some tips on how you can calculate these things.

6. How much does a designer cost?

This is of course dependent on the services you are acquiring from your designer.  For example, space planning, furniture specifications, or a mood board, vs. a full design including all of these components, will generate different costs.

Researching guidelines for interior designer costs can help you find the percentage of the project cost that is used to calculate this.

7. Why should I consider hiring an interior designer for my Connecticut office space versus DIY?

A designer will have information on ways to save on costs, and have access to professional resources (i.e. finding cost efficient materials that you wouldn’t otherwise come across).

Hiring a designer doesn’t necessarily cost you incremental money in the scope of your project.  Designers have access to trade pricing which would be missed out on in a DIY approach.

8. How do I budget for my office renovation?

First you should compile a list of all components that will actually go in to your office renovation (i.e. professional designers/contractors, demolition, electrical, fixtures, furnishings, etc.).  Then find the typical costs for these things in Connecticut in order to account for what will be needed for your specific renovation.  Here you can see examples of two different office renovation budgets, as well as some renovation components you may have forgotten.

9. Do I have to tell the designer what my budget actually is?

We have NEVER met a client who didn’t have a budget!  The bottom line is there are standard costs for many things we do and many things we purchase.  The better we understand your budget, the more we can tailor our suggestions and direct you to certain decisions.

We believe in educating our clients to understand why certain things cost what they do.  When clients understand value they are able to evaluate cost more objectively and make sound decisions that suit their needs.

10. What are the benefits of hiring an independent interior designer instead of a larger architectural firm in the Hartford area?

When you choose an independent designer, you will have more attention from the primary designer.  There will be multiple partner’s expertise and point of views focused on your project.

There will be less overhead, and your designer can coordinate with architects or engineers as needed. 

11. Why should I buy commercial furniture versus buying furniture online?

It is important to recognize the difference in commercial versus residential uses.  Just because a site labels a product, “office chair” doesn’t mean that this product is commercial grade.  Learn more about the differences here.

Acquiring commercial furniture from the right brands means you get sturdy, well-built products, and therefore reliability and warranty.

Ordering in bulk can save money, and local distributors often offer discounts off of list prices.

12. Why should I consider renovating my manufacturing office space?

A renovation can improve recruitment and retention in your company.  It will also improve reception and impressions of your company to prospective customers and business partners.

Renovating can improve your office design and functionality, and is a great idea when your company is re-branding, so you can incorporate your new brand into the space.

You can become more environmentally friendly and lower energy bills as a result of your renovation as well.

Here at Design Your Monday! LLC, we aim to excel in the duties of a designer mentioned above in order to present you with the office space you envision for your company.  We are more than happy to answer any other questions you have that may come up in our journey to creating your new office space. 

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