Why You’re Not Qualified to Design Your Workspace: The Details of Commercial Design
All workspaces are not created equally.  Think about it.  When you walk into an office, a restaurant, home or any space, what makes you want to stay there?  Is it the ambiance?  The décor?  The Feng Shui?  Do you leave feeling energized or depressed?  Excited or bored?  The truth is that spaces matters.  But what […]
Behind the Details of Corporate Design
All workspaces are not created equally. Think about it – when you walk into an office, a restaurant a home or any other space, what makes you want to stay there? Is it the ambiance? The décor? The feng shui? Do you leave feeling energized or depressed? Excited or bored? The truth is that spaces […]
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Your workspace is speaking to your clients, your potential hires and your employees. Are you paying attention to what it’s saying? Much like culture, office environments are a part of “workplace heritage” – they provide a visible definition of what is important to both leadership and the business. According to research conducted by Teknion, a leading […]
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Recently I partnered with an industry colleague and friend, Heather Conley, of Heather Conley Photography to share our belief in the power of storytelling through the use of professional architectural images to connect with clients.  A well-designed space captured through a professional camera lens speaks to the very essence of attention to detail and can be […]
Workplace Design and its Impact on Human Resources
Recently, I shared my experiences with Kardas Larson Human Resources Consulting Firm the notion of linking business strategy to interior workplace design. Maximizing the investment you make in your corporate interiors can help drive recruitment efforts and positively impact employee morale, therefore supporting retention.   To read more of my approach, click here.
Corporate Lobby interior design
Highly successful companies invest a lot of their resources into organizational development and training and take particular notice of their key employees and clients’ feedback and interests. As a former executive in Human Resources for a billion dollar company I spent a large part of my career analyzing data from employee feedback questionnaires and creating […]