All workspaces are not created equally. Think about it – when you walk into an office, a restaurant a home or any other space, what makes you want to stay there? Is it the ambiance? The décor? The feng shui? Do you leave feeling energized or depressed? Excited or bored? The truth is that spaces matters, but what goes behind creating a space that truly and positively impacts its inhabitants? A lot – and not just the time and energy of picking a certain set of window treatments! We’re talking a level of strategic detail that most people wouldn’t even think to or have the real time to consider. That’s why we’re usually struck when walking into a space that really works – because they’re rare.

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Workspace by Design Your Monday! LLC; Image by Heather Conley Photography, LLC

The truth is that takes a lot of time, energy, strategy and experience to create a successful workspace – one that understands company culture, core values, employee and client populations, schematic design and design development and construction and project management as well as saves you time and money. Welcome to the world of Intentional Design.

Instead of picking one set of on-sale chairs here, referencing an image you found on the internet or working with a designer who doesn’t understand or consider the impact of design on the core business interests of their clients, why not work with an experienced professional who will work with you to integrate your company culture, business goals and values into your space?

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Workspace by Design Your Monday! LLC; Image by Heather Conley Photography, LLC

Consider partnering with a professional who will creatively brainstorm with you to connect your business vision into a personal and customized environment. A designer who will consider and bring the many elements involved in a successful design process into alignment, including: function, symmetry, mood, uniqueness, finishes, custom pieces, lighting, placement, furnishings and everything in between. A designer who also has the practical construction and project management skills to meet with contractors, organize the priority of installations of each item, inspect furnishings and follow up with every aspect of the design process on your behalf.

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Workspace by Design Your Monday! LLC; Image by Heather Conley Photography, LLC

You owe it to your firm and the integrity of your company brand to take your space seriously. Increasing productivity, business, employee recruitment and retention, positive business interactions and word of mouth advertising are just the beginning. Embracing the details of your space says everything about who you are, what you stand for and how you accomplish your business objectives.