If you own an office space for your business, chances are you’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into how your business will function and thrive in this space.  You’ve considered the equipment and resources your company will need, and perhaps a design that will best suit the productivity and level of organization you hope to see from your employees…but what about the lobby?

While your office lobby might not be the setting where your employee’s’ hard work comes to fruition, it is the first place people see when they walk into your business.  It sets the tone for your employees as they arrive to work, and just as importantly, if not more so, it sets the tone for any visitors and prospective clients who come to your company’s office.

Remember the importance of a first impression! For your visitors and prospective clients, your office lobby will give the first real impression of the quality of your business.  To help you create the best reflection of your business, here are 6 deadly sins to avoid committing when it comes to your office lobby.

1.  Company branding is nowhere to be found.

Your office lobby should present a clear and concise message to those who enter the space.  Clear signage with your company’s name, logo, and slogan should be easily identified.  The company colors should be present throughout the décor.  The lobby should embody the personality of your company and clearly reflect the essence of the business, including the company’s core values.  Search for inspiration and discover just how creative you can be with your office lobby.

2. Warm Greetings have gone cold.

Create a warm and welcoming reception as guests enter your office lobby.  The way your receptionist greets visitors has a massive reflection on the manners of your company.  It is the first interaction guests will have that they’ll associate with your company name.  Be sure that any employee working in the lobby is polite, and a true representative of the company’s core values.  If you don’t have a receptionist in your office lobby, it is crucial that the design be inviting, and that there is proper signage to give guidance to all visitors who enter the space.  Here you can learn design tips for creating a welcoming environment in your office lobby.

3.  There is clutter everywhere.

A cluttered space will immediately send a message of disorganization, which visitors will relate to the way your business operates.  Clutter leads the client to believe that if you cannot manage the organization and cleanliness of your own space, you might not be producing the best quality of work for them.  The lobby, as well as all surface areas, should also be clean and free of dust and dirt.  If a drink station is available, be sure it is kept organized, well stocked and clean.  If visitor sign-in is required, have easily accessible working pens available for use.

4. Dead. Plants.

This one doesn’t need much explanation.  Imagine walking into a business you are seeking the services of, and the first thing you see is a plant with the life sucked out of it.  Not the most promising foreshadowing here!

Plants are a beautiful way to liven up your space and create a warm and personable feel, so keeping them alive and thriving is key.  It can also show that you have responsible employees working for your company.

5. Things aren’t made obvious.

The last thing you want anyone to feel when they arrive at your place of business is confusion or doubt that they are in the right place.  People yearn for convenience and clarity. Anything other than that is not the message you want to send to a prospective client.

Visitors should know immediately where to go, with no confusion, when entering a new space.  Way-finding should be easy and obvious.  You do this by ensuring your office lobby signage is clear, visible, and easily legible from an appropriate distance in which it must be read.  When unsure, bigger signage is better. 

6. You haven’t offered any amenities.

Ensuring comfort for your visitors as they arrive and wait in your office lobby will go a long way.  It shows you have put thought and consideration into the experience your guests will have before they’ve even begun business with you.  Make sure seating areas are clean, welcoming, and comfortable!  If space permits, have a water station, or even a coffee table, that guests may help themselves too (welcoming signage is great here too!).  Make outlets clearly accessible for your guests to keep their devices charged if needed.  If long waiting times occur, consider offering a TV and reading materials to keep guests entertained.

Your office lobby gives visitors the first impression of how your run your company.  It can send many different messages that your guests will associate with the quality of your business.  The lobby of your office can encourage (or deter!) the business of people who enter, as well as motivate current employees and appeal to potential recruits.

You should strive for a design and décor in your office lobby that will leave a lasting impression.  Going the extra mile in offering amenities and caring for guests will convey trustworthiness and reliability.

If you are ready to transform your office lobby and ensure visitor’s trust in your company, we can help.  We look forward to helping you elevate your office lovey to the next level.