Commercial property remodeling is a $35 billion industry, proving how important office renovation is to business owners.

Before a business owner can choose to remodel their business, they need to understand what office remodeling can do for a company. Knowing these benefits can also help an owner who is on the fence about renovations.

Keep reading to learn more about how office renovations can help a business grow by providing these six benefits.

1. Creates Employee Engagement

When employees are more engaged, they’re more productive. That alone can help boost the bottom line of any business. There are many ways an office renovation can help employees be more engaged.

Add Collaboration Areas

For most offices, collaboration is an essential aspect of business growth. Whether employees are meeting with each other, their supervisors, or clients, it’s important to have spaces that allow for collaboration.

When an office is renovated, it’s easy to ensure there are plenty of spaces for meetings to occur and to allow employees to work together as needed.

Provide Organization

When a business adds desks and other spaces by piece meal, the entire office space can eventually become disorganized. A renovation can help keep all members of the same team in the same area and closest to the other areas they use most often, as well as harmonize the overall aesthetic of the office.

Employees need to have an organized space to work in because clutter can be distracting. The worst type of clutter involves the way the office is set up.

Increases Natural Lighting

Many people don’t understand the importance of natural lighting for employee morale. However, it’s one of the easiest ways to spruce up a workspace.

With a renovation, the workspace can be arranged so that more employees get natural lighting. Sometimes, additional natural light sources are needed by adding more windows or skylights.

2. Safeguards Employees

In the United States, workplace safety standards are constantly changing. While this is good news for the health and safety of employees, it can also be frustrating to employers who need to keep up with these protocols.

An outdated office space can fall behind the times when it comes to safety standards. In this case, it’s essential to have an office renovated to ensure these guidelines are being met.

One example of how a renovation can protect employees involves fire safety. Over time, an office can become cluttered with boxes and files in corridors to the point of being unsafe in the event of a fire. By renovating the office it guarantees a space is found for all misplaced items and employees can safely get out of the building in an emergency.

3. Creates Efficient Use of Space

It’s no secret that commercial real estate does not come cheap. Whether a company owns or is renting an office space, this is an unavoidable part of the overhead costs that come with running a business.

This is why it’s essential to ensure a company is maximizing its real estate. Disorganized spaces can lead to wasted space which is something many companies simply can’t afford.

Following a renovation, many business owners find they can add more offices, meeting rooms, or recreational areas because the space has been transformed in such a way that every square foot is maximized.

This benefit of office renovation also overlaps with employee engagement. When an office is laid out more efficiently,  it makes the workday easier for employees allowing them to use their time more productively.

For example, an assistant who makes the majority of photocopies for the office would spend hours walking to and from the copy machine every day if it’s at the other end of the office. Placing a copier within a few feet of the assistant instead can free up hours of time to focus on more important tasks.

4. Attracts Clients

A renovated office goes far beyond improving working conditions for employees. It can also help a business grow by attracting more clients. There are a few ways this can occur.

First and foremost, a modern-looking office helps improve client experience when an individual comes to the office. Clients will be more impressed with an updated office which makes them more willing to work with that company.

Another way office renovations can help attract clients is that it’s easier to use photos of the office in marketing materials. This shows clients who can’t visit the office in person that the company is organized and innovative.

5. Demonstrates the Company is Forward-thinking

Speaking of innovation, this is something else that’s essential for a business to demonstrate to potential and current clients. In fact, Forbes claims that innovation is “crucial to your company’s long-term success.”

Although businesses that have outdated layouts can certainly be forward-thinking, it can be hard to demonstrate that without a renovation. A remodel will show clients that your business is moving in the right direction.

Renovations can also encourage employees to be more innovative and forward-thinking. This goes back to employee engagement. With a renovation, employees can be surrounded by inspiration and have the spaces they need to collaborate and build a better future for the business.

6. Prepares for the Future

The longer a business owner puts off an office renovation, the further behind the times they’ll fall. It’s essential to have a renovation done at least every ten years to ensure the company is keeping up with current times and preparing for the future.

Renovating an office speaks volumes about how long a business owner expects to be doing business. It’s an easy way to express that a company is here to stay which provides peace of mind to employees, clients, and business partners.

The right interior designer can help a business be future-proofed and avoid needing another renovation in the near future. This is because good commercial designers understand how to create a design that will stay in-style for many years.

Ready for an Office Renovation?

These are six of the many benefits a company can gain by completing an office renovation this year. It’s clear that office remodeling can help move a business into the future and improve the work environment for employees.

For more information about how renovating an office can provide a growth environment for a company, contact us today. We can help business owners understand how a remodel could benefit their specific company.